Pads RP - 08D

RP-08D blue metal pad

The RP series pads give an outstanding look both on stage and in your home, besides ensuring a perfect play feel. We recommend it for using as a tom but can be applied also as a rack snare. Can be ordered laminated, with a lacquer finish or with a simple outer plywood.


  • Mesh head
  • Dual zone triggering: head and rim with separate trigger sensors
  • Removable rim silencer
  • Real wood shell
  • Can be mounted on rack or tom holder
  • Mesh head can be replaced with real drumhead
  • Natural rebound and excellent play feel
  • Super sensitive and dynamic triggering



8" dual zone SP series pad.


10" dual zone SP series pad.


12" dual zone SP series pad.


14" dual zone SP series pad.


  • Techincal specification

RP-08D RP-10D RP-12D RP14-D
Plug 6.35mm TRS (stereo jack)
Shell diameter
8" 10" 12" 14"