Kick SP-16B

The SP-B series kick drums are made with a shiny laminated finish. They look just like classic kick drums but are equipped with everything that makes a professional e-kick drum. Mesh heads and a special shock absorbing foam inlay that absorbs also pad noises and prevents the beater from bouncing to provide a more natural and comfortable play feel. Jack outputs each side for ensuring comfortable cabling or to let more drums to be connected together. Kick drum stand can be removed so the shell can be packed and transported in a standard 16" case. Pedal mount plate is adjustable so the shell doesn't elevate when mounting the pedal which ensures more stability. Can be ordered with custom or design front head or mesh front (for silent operation). Super sensitive and dynamic triggering.

Can be ordered in a broad variety of colors.


  • Acoustic-like constuction, looks excellent on stage
  • Excellent and natural rebound plus silent operation due to 16" mesh head
  • Shock absorbing foam inlay
  • Can be used with double pedal
  • Dynamic triggering
  • Removable and adjustable stand
  • Double output
  • Padtech Design front head
  • Optional custom design front head







Custom shop

Can be ordered with different sizes and modified construction

Technical specification

PLUGS: 6.3 JACK mono

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